The Body of Christ

Have you ever heard the saying, “a church within a church”?

I understand the basic premise and do not totally disagree with it.

Our church, your church and basically every (healthy) church has different ages, backgrounds, etc. and those subgroups can sometimes be called a church or churches within a church.

We have different departments that meet and have events and sometimes the other groups within the church do not attend and that’s completely okay.

However, my desire is to ensure that we NEVER get to the point that we have multiple conflicting churches within our church but that we all stay united as the Body of Christ.

Yesterday, our church was 100% focused on children and student ministry in the morning and evening services.

In the morning, we had games, balloons, puppets, beach balls, action songs, etc. and the kids had a BLAST!

In the evening, we had our student choir led worship, students led the service – announcements, prayer requests and offering – and the students had a BLAST too!

As the Pastor of the church, I freely admit that I did not do much yesterday and I did even less in organizing both services.

Our team deserves full credit for putting together two wonderful services.

However, I am always watching and one of the biggest compliments I can give our church is the fact that EVERYONE – young, old and everyone in between – got involved in the services.

Our elders were hitting beach balls around the sanctuary, laughing at the puppets and worshiping during the songs.

Our elders were supporting our students, getting behind the preaching and praying with them in the altars.

That’s what the Body of Christ is all about.

  • Many members but one Body.
  • Many parts but one Body.
  • Many backgrounds but one Body.
  • Many personalities but one Body.
  • Many preferences but one Body.

I know, for a fact, that everyone in service did not know every song we sang yesterday but genuine worship is both an attitude and an act.

If it takes a specific song or style of music to get you motivated to worship – do not pass go, do not collect $200 and go directly to an altar to be altered before it’s too late.

We also sing songs that our young people do not know too but it’s okay because we are all part of one Body.

So let’s make sure that we do everything we can to minister to ALL the groups we can but let’s never try to completely compartmentalize the body of Christ.

Let’s work together and see what type of revival we can have through the power of Jesus and a genuine spirit of unity.

I proud to say that I am part of the Body of Christ but I am also humble enough to say, without reservation, that I need the entire Body of Christ.

In His Service,
Jarryd Raynes – Senior Pastor
Upper Room Church

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